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Some Time on The Greenbrier River Trail

Some Time on The Greenbrier River Trail

Spent a little while yesterday riding my bike on the Greenbrier River Trail – just to clear my head and see some of the little things along the way. It was a beautiful sunny day and was welcomed because of all the rain we have experienced here in the eastern part of the U.S. We all need some sunshine in our lives. And we need to stop and enjoy the small details of life around us.


Loving Country Mornings

Strange New World

Public speaking does not come easily to me. Some people are so gifted in this area that it amazes me.  Sometimes, I find that I have a hard time expressing myself speaking to some people one-on-one, let alone to an audience or 5 or 500.  Sometimes speaking through the medium of writing is somewhat better, though I find that I can be the queen of run-on sentences and unclear statements.  That is what friends with proof-reading skills are for!  Hopefully, this will be an outlet for me to share clear thought through the written word and my vision through the lens of the camera so you can perhaps see the world through my eyes. We are all given unique points of view and that is part of what makes us individuals!