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Beauty in the Mundane

The Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia is known for its natural beauty and wonderful opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Greenbrier River is close by for those that like to canoe, kayak, or paddle board. The Greenbrier River Trail runs for 80 miles from nearby Caldwell northward to Cass for those who like to walk, run, ride bikes or horses. We have two world famous caves close by – Lost World and Organ Cave. Our area is rich in history and we are also rich in very talented artists, craftsman, and musicians.
Lewisburg, the county seat of Greenbrier, was recently voted as “Americas Coolest Small Town” by Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine. Host to many festivals throughout the year, we are also home to The State Professional Theatre of West Virginia – The Greenbrier Valley Theatre and also, Carnegie Hall, one of four Carnegies’ in the world that hosts world class musicians, art shows, diverse classroom instruction and films for the residence of the area.
“God is in the Details”, indeed and it is the details that makes Lewisburg and the Greenbrier Valley such a unique and special place. Take for instance, our lowly (but oh so necessary) fire hydrants. Often, they are so overlooked until there is a fire and then it is so important to know where they all are. Two summers ago, in a further effort to make Lewisburg a really cool town, the city (along with a gift of some paint) took on the task of giving all the hydrants a fresh makeover and along with the help of The Greenbrier Artists group, made each a unique piece of art with scenes of important landmarks that make the Greenbrier Valley what it is. I am sharing some of those images with you today and my understanding is that this project is not completed and there will be more to come in the future. Thanks for looking and enjoy these small glimpses of life in the GBV.



Hydrant 2 Trillium Collective

Hydrant 3 Greenbrier Valley Pastoral Scenes

Hydrant 4 Greenbrier Valley Pastoral Scenes

Hydrant 5 Greenbrier Valley Theatre

Hydrant 6 Coolest Gumball Company

Hydrant 7 Jim’s Drive-In

Hydrant 8 Greenbrier Artist’s Group


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