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Being Intentional

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Being Intentional

How many of us go through our days, weeks and months flying by the seat of our pants, breezing through our lives muttering under our breaths – “I really need to do this or take care of that” and then realizing down the road as we look back that we never did do those things and well, we really should have taken the time to do them.  GUILTY here.  Not one to make New Years resolutions, I have decided that my goal is to live everyday with INTENTION.  When I know that I really need to do something, spend time with someone special, take a few minutes to make someones day special, I just really need to stop and do that.  This time next year, that opportunity may not be there and we all know that you cannot go back for re-dos.  Hind sight is 20/20.  Be intentional today folks while you have the opportunity. Today is the first best day of the rest of your life.  Be Thankful.


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